Identify, Trace, Freeze, Seize, Confiscate and Recover proceeds of crime.



The department is established pursuant to sections 72 & 86   of Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Act (POCAMLA) and is responsible managing preserved/restrained and forfeited assets.

This department is responsible for the following functions: -

  1. Providing leadership in development and implementation of Assets Management strategies, policies, legislations and regulations and procedures;
  2. Undertaking research on assets management to inform asset policy development, implementation and management;
  3. Undertaking and monitoring physical risk assessment;
  4. Applying measures to ensure integrity and professional Assets Management standards;
  5. Devising, implementing and monitoring effective risk management strategies in the department;
  6. Coordinating processes in planning, budget and funding proposal for the department;
  7. Cascading the strategic plan and performance contract in the department and carry out staff performance appraisals;
  8. Formulating and implementing initiatives to instill integrity values in the department and adopt best practices in Assets management;
  9. Developing performance improvement strategies that are adaptive to the changing environment and technology;
  10. Facilitating proper utilization of optimum assets, fleet and liabilities levels;
  11. Participating in the formulation of criteria for procurement and disposal of assets;
  12. Developing measures to evaluate and enhance performance of out sourced service providers.


The Department is responsible for making applications for preservation and forfeiture of assets under Part VII to XII of the Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Act.

This Department is responsible for the following functions: -

  1. Provide Legal advice and undertake litigation on behalf of the Agency;
  2. Draft and review documents, contracts and other legal instruments;
  3. Initiate and undertake research on complex and emerging legal issues;
  4. Liaise and guide investigators to ensure sufficient collection of evidence;
  5. Prepare reports on outcome of cases to ensure appropriate strategies are developed and implemented to manage the challenges encountered;
  6. Engage in alternative dispute resolution mechanism in assets recovery cases;
  7. Review existing legislation on assets recovery;
  8. Facilitate inter - Agency collaboration and cooperation on investigation;
  9. Engage in International Mutual Legal assistance in investigations and proceedings through the Office of the Attorney General;


The Department is established pursuant to sections 53 A (5) of Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Act (POCAMLA) and is responsible for conducting investigations for identifying, tracing, freezing and seizing proceeds of crime.

This department is responsible for the following functions: -

  1. Report and advise the Agency on matters of investigation;
  2. Conduct investigations on matters of assets recovery;
  3. Compile investigations files, witnesses’ statements and other relevant reports;
  4. Support assets recovery cases in court;
  5. Prepare preliminary investigation reports;
  6. Maintain investigation evidence in recovery of proceeds of crime;
  7. Maintain investigations register for the Agency;
  8. Receive and Analyze financial reports;
  9. Compile and disseminate analyzed financial reports.



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